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Sharpaim Vs Slate by agentslate

Vision: The posing is excellent as well with the camera position Originality: Well its a fight with two spy's and a scythe somethings, ...


Inbound assault to Teufort by borislavTheSoviet
Inbound assault to Teufort
i cant even think of what to say to this, but i changed alot of this
also been a long time since i uploaded a gmod picture, this is pretty old


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United States
I make:
Gmod pics
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:iconxalltheyplz: enjoy
    Just kidding, i sorta am for the moment. ^u^ Now let me just tell ya why i'm not as active as i was in my early months on deviantart. First reason is because of school, but at least the school year is over:iconsniperlaplz:woot woot! Some other reasons why is because i'm just a little mad at the art i get in the mail. Don't get the wrong idea, i don't hate the art(except for the brony art), its just i feel like, "Man i cant wait to make some awesome artwork and stuff and yada yada!", but then you realize that you look back and think about your artwork upon others (LET THE JEALOUSY BEGIN LOL) you enter your "doubt" mode and it just goes all haywire xD.

   I just don't know what to do...(apparently my mac cant play teamfortress 2, so there's that, neither can i play gmod ;( i miss that one the most) and i kinda feel sad about it cause you see all these amazing people progress in their artwork, while i'm stuck here, waay behind at rock bottom. :T i can draw n stuff, but i don't think thats what most of my watchers want to see, and this is a great and absolutely necessary time to do all that!(The Gmod stuff i mean) But yet again, cant do much, unless i get a job ewe. Now again, i'm not trying to say, "BOO HOO I CANT DO THIS STUFF AND THAT MAKES ME MAD!" it's the realization that i can't do anything that puts me down xP.

    i don't know why i'm typing this journal at 4:35 in the morning xD but anyways all i need from you guys(or whoever is looking at this) is just nudge me with hope, i just need motivation from people to go through this mess, i really missed you guys, (i really do ;n; ) and i just want someone to be there for me and be all like, "Don't worry bro you'll make it trust me! And may i say how handsome and awesome you are, any girl would date a man like you.." I Don't mean to sound like a ranting baby, and if i do sound like one i'm sorry, but thats all i every want, someone to put me back on my feet, someone to tell me that you gotta get going when the going gets tough, someone to say that they have faith in me, someone to just talk to at least, a guide, a friend...

This is what i have been working on ever since my last gmod picture

Untitled by borislavTheSoviet

Lol by borislavTheSoviet

So far syndra  by borislavTheSovietUntitled by borislavTheSoviet

20140421 164810 by borislavTheSoviet

20140421 164621 by borislavTheSoviet

Haunter by borislavTheSoviet
Model by borislavTheSoviet

Thresh by borislavTheSoviet
Russ stuff by borislavTheSoviet
Stuff by borislavTheSoviet
Untited soviets by borislavTheSoviet

i'm pretty sure there is more, but i'm to tired to find them xD. anyway...

i wish you all a good summer and stuff, and will try to submit at least something this month. But anyways see you later and have a great day!! :iconxalltheyplz:  - Agustyn Pena

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